On serving our country, a note to ALL vets today!

By John Kubicek

I am a veteran of the United States Air Force. I didn’t win any medals of valor. I just did my job. So, being a veteran isn’t a big deal, even though I was not on the front lines. Right? No. Wrong, absolutely dead wrong.

Whether you were a cook, or worked in the motor pool, or as a medic in the base hospital here in the States, your job was very important! But, I can tell

We’re Still Here!

By John Kubicek

Do you remember when Y2K (Jan. 1, 2000) was that potential doomsday? All the computers were supposed to shut down, or not work anymore. Nothing happened.  We have thunderstorms in June that do more damage than resulted from the supposed computer shut-downs at power plants that were to come, and never did.

The latest supposed end-of-the-world date was to be on December 21,

The USA is the Greatest Country in the World, because…

The guy on the right is Right!

If you haven’t voted yet, like you can already here in Iowa, I just wanted to make sure that you understand that there is a very sharp distinction between the two candidates. And there is one way that you can tell what the immediate contrast would be just by knowing what the respective candidate’s supporters, and eventual voters, are saying.

I can easily

The Choice the Media Won’t Tell You About


The Choice the Media Won’t Tell You About

By Susan Poper Gordon

The Right Man is the guy on the Right

Dear America, you have 50 days to wake up. You are not just choosing between the two guys in this picture You must decide whether there will be a free country with opportunity for all and the freedom to achieve; or a country with cradle to grave control of you, your children,

Why I Need to Do Something Different

By John Kubicek

I originally wrote this back on December 27, 2011, but I never published it. I was going to add more to this, but that didn’t happen. It does just happen, though, that this topic will fit in with another project I am currently working on, and so posting this is essential in making my point. As is, it is done.

The interesting thing is that I did not have to change the title. It

This Is How They Do It

By John Kubicek

There will be one thing that will be apparent to you in a very short amount of time: President Obama will find a way to make the bad economy be for his advantage in November of 2012. Obama is in the process of making sure that Republicans and rich people get the blame for how bad things are going,  even with all of the stupid ideas the Democrats and progressives have come up

The translation of the Hawvawd study? DUH! (Bring on the Fireworks!)

By John Kubicek

Seriously, I can not make this stuff up! While in the process of working on another blog story, “Occupied Nation ~ By Patrice Lewis,” on Sunday morning, a subject came up on Fox & Friends Sunday that took me by surprise.  I had not heard about this before Sunday. Isn’t it interesting that it came out right before the July 4th holiday weekend?  Surely, it was just ironic

Lost at sea? So … I may be a "deather"?

By John Kubicek

May 9, 2011

I do not buy into most conspiracy theories, unless… umm…

Maybe it’s just me, wondering about very strange changes in the original storyline put out by – who else – President Barry.

If you haven’t noticed, all of the Press – even Fox News – has made the claim that there is no question that the raid on Obama’s “crib” took place, he is dead, and he sleeps with the

Setting the Stage – Part 6: Could the Eagle Crash and Burn?


The major theme of this column is about giving up rights in order to be secure. Four years later, my views may have changed a tad bit. The reason my views changed? When I wrote this, I felt that the Bush administration would not have a reason to use our communications against us if we weren’t actual terrorists. Well, now, I am not so confident that is the case with the Obama