My Brief Encounter with the Patriotic Rebel. “Thank You Andrew (Breitbart)”

It was on September 18, 2010 that I got to see conservative journalist and trailblazer for the conservative blogger community, Andrew Breitbart, work his magic.

Upon arriving at Right Nation 2010 (in Hoffman Estates, IL), a conservative rally with many prominent conservative activists speaking that evening, I heard some loud chanting  from a couple hundred yards away from my car. I figured it was a group of anti-Glenn Beck protestors (Beck was the keynote speaker). A slow jog got me to the scene quickly as my interest was piqued. What I saw was a group of about 150 protestors chanting, holding various protest signs and waving flags. They were all bussed in from Chicago using public school buses. When I got about 50 feet away I recognized the person that the jeers were being directed at, it was Breitbart. He is easy to spot from a distance; big guy (could likely “fit-into-a-Bigfoot-suit” kind of big.)  My first thought was, “this is pretty cool, I’m watching Breitbart take on the mob, live;” it was worth the price of admission for an event that hadn’t even started. I quickened my jog and got right behind the cameraman filming Breitbart, who was working on the crowd. For me the experience was almost surreal, I felt almost completely dissociated, it was like watching a movie being made. Looking back I think this feeling may be explainable.  The scene was so over -the-top, the protestors were obviously pawns, and not one of them could explain why they were there, it just had such a sense of unreality. These automatons did, however, have motivation to get on the buses, they were paid. (The accompanying video shows how it was discovered that these folks were compensated for their pseudo-protest.)

After about ten minutes of unmasking the crowd (which included a fake Priest that Breitbart easily exposed) the group dissipated and was called to get back on the buses because of Breitbart shining a light on them. They clearly had no idea who Breitbart was, and were definitely not prepared to be exposed by a real journalist that brought along his own video crew.  After the crowd left Breitbart found one woman that said she came by herself and he interviewed her. She told him that she found out about the protest in an email she received from (a left wing group funded by George Soros) and decided to participate. I stood by and watched and realized that Andrew Breitbart wasn’t doing a job in front of me, he was living in the moment, and his questions seemed to come from pure and intense curiosity and not from any journalism 101 book. He made extracting information from a person look effortless. After this brief interview, Breitbart quickly walked towards the theater. I followed, but I didn’t keep up his pace, mainly because it would have been a tad stalkerish and I really didn’t want to bother the guy. However, once I saw that he was taking off rather briskly, for some reason I just blurted out “thank you Andrew.”

Robert Johnson



Blogging in Our Time 2 Escape: Time to Escape WIFLI Special Edition: Andrew Breitbart dead at 43

A friend of mines post on Andrew Breitbart… his way to honor him.

My most sincere condolences go out to Andrews wife and four children. Though many of us feel the loss, there is obviously nothing like losing a husband or father. We can only share in the familys grief.

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How to delete your Google Browsing History before new policy


TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO DO THIS…. if you want to opt out you must follow the steps provided on the link below TODAY!!! ....daily Mail reports that deleting your browsing history before March 1 when Googles new privacy policy comes into effect will limit Googles ability to track and record your every move online. The process is simple. Follow the steps provided on the link below:

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Diabetes Warriors, Steve Cooksey, and the future of low-carb diets… VIDEO

what does “giving nutritional advice” really mean and should a person who is not a Doctor be prevented from sharing it? What do you think? Are you too stupid to make up your mind on who you want to get advice from? Should they silence people so you don’t have a choice? Thoughts?! 

I have been recently following the controversy surrounding Steve Cooksey and his website with great interest.  If you do not know, Steve Cooksey is being investigated by the North Carolina Board of Dieticians for giving nutritional information on his website without a license.This is obviously a complex issue, but the more I look into it, it is also not simply a legal issue either, where a person is accused of allegedly giving advice he shouldn’t have been giving.  In my opinion,  it is a political one which invokes several important topics regarding the popularity and success of low-carb dieting and the abject failure of conventional dietary guidelines that are promulgated by government bodies.Specifically, as I see it, the ‘Cooksey Affair’ is a referendum in regards to the conventional wisdom of bodies like the American Diabetes Association and other dietary boards which have suggested and recommended over and over again that a diet that is based on a large amount of complex carb and a large amount of  whole grains is healthy for diabetics. It is not.

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