VA House of Delegates Gives Me a Headache

The House wants to change the rules of the GOP Primary to allow write-ins, due to the fact that only two of the candidates were willing to put in the work required to get on the ballot:  Whether this move has been orchestrated by the Gingrich campaign or not, I don’t care; it remains preposterous. Not only does the legislature have no business interfering in the state GOP’s nominating process, to do so at the last minute smacks of bias and impropriety. I’ll be investigating whether my own delegate was involved, and if so, then I’ll be voting for someone else in the next election.
I sent a letter to Governor McDonnell through his website:  I advise each of you who cares about the integrity of the process to do the same, regardless of who you support in the primary (or the general, for that matter).
Re: Emergency Change to GOP Primary
The House of Delegates seeks to change the rules at the last minute. I’m sure you know the story, the backstory, and all the gory details. Governor, I have been a supporter of yours from the beginning, and no one has as much respect for you as I do. I was a “Blogger for McDonnell” during your campaign, and I was pleased with your recent endorsement of Mitt Romney for President. I’m sure you want to avoid the appearance of impropriety, but I want you to veto this rule change if it should pass the House and Senate. It’s abominable, it’s inexcusable, and it’s blatantly partisan. Moreover, the legislature has no business changing the state party’s rules for it. As Governor of Virginia and RGA Chairman, it is your duty to prevent this measure from going into effect, no matter who you’ve endorsed. Thank you for your time, sir.

Stephen Monteith

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